emerey family cuteness

Holy cuteness overload!!!

Photographing younger children can be a bit of a challenge, but when they show up excited and ready to go… magic happens!

That’s how these two littles came to this shoot. 


I decided that I’d called them Wonder Woman and Bautista (Because Noah was a big Blue Jay fan, in fact the whole family are!)  They giggled when they were tickled and posed perfectly when I needed them.  Just look at those amazing eye brows little miss Wonder Woman has!

Come on , how cute is this family!

They also brought in some super fun ideas, like making the word L.O.V.E with their bodies, a giant picture frame and baseball gear.  So many options and choices to use and shoot.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Wonder Woman and Bautista!

50th wedding anniversary

50 years of wedded bliss!

Now that’s a long time. If he keeps this up she just might end up keeping him! 

Shooting a large group can be intimidating but if you think of them as a smaller size and not 15 people, slow down, look at everyone’s pose, face, and shoot multiple image of each set up just to make sure you get at least one shot with everyone’s eye open you’ll nail it.

paulson family session

I’ve known this family for a few years so I was thrilled when they asked me to shoot their family portraits.  We had a cold windy evening, in Fishcreek Park and we were praying the rain would hold off for us and it did.


They were so much fun, everything I wanted them to do, including the “super slow-mo walk, while pretending you’re having the time of your life”, they nailed.


Just look at mom and dad’s amazing matching blue eyes!

...lazy Sunday

I love the quiet calm of a weekend morning.  Waking up early, fresh coffee and the quiet, calm of the morning is the greatest fuzzy, comfort way to start a day.  Not just any day, but a Sunday!  

Now, I have to admit, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately.  Life has been been a bit of a tornado for the last few weeks, and this was the first morning when the world felt like it was floating back to normal.  It felt good. As I sipped on fresh coffee,  Otis Redding was singing "Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad song)".  I began to day dream of where I was going to drive off to and explore with my camera.  Then I thought such a beautiful morning shouldn't be wasted driving.  I live right beside Fish Creek Park, literally 500 meters away.  I began to think about how much I love it here.  So the drive was thrown out and my hiking shoes were laced up.  I filled up my travel mug, grabbed my camera bag and set off the explore my own back yard.

I didn't take long 'til I saw the first Osprey circling overhead. First one, then two, then finally three!  As I walked a long the path I hoped they'd lower their orbits and get within lens range.  In Fish Creek a few nest towers have been built in hope these predators will build on them so they won't use power poles and risk getting electrocuted. It has been very successful!  

I camped out in front of the nest tower, waited, hoped, prayed for a landing. It didn't take long, maybe 25 minutes and I was rewarded with a landing.  Now to say I was happy would be an understatement.  I was ecstatic looking though the view finder watching one coming closer.  I first thought she/he was flying with breakfast and as it came closer I realized it was holding a clump of grass.  They were adding soft bedding for their nest.... for their soon to be laid eggs!

I couldn't believe this amazing natural scene was happening in the heart of Calgary, a stones throw from my own home!  God smiled down on me this Sunday and gave me a great gift. 

What's in your backyard neighbourhood?  Maybe it needs to be explored by you!!!

"It has a sweet melody tonight
Anybody can sing it any old time
What in your heart puts you in a groove 
And when you sing this song 
It'll make you're whole body move, it goes

Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa" - Otis Redding

Home coming!

...spring sunsets

Is it just me or do spring sunsets just feel good for the soul?

Last Thursday evening had great potential to be an amazing, spring sunset.  Calgarians are very familiar with a Chinook arch.  The tell-tail bank of clouds form a perfect curved arch that brings warm air to our city and Thursday's arch was locked and loaded. When the arch is there at sunset, the sun light at the horizon lights the belly of the arch and boom! Fire in the sky.

The drive home couldn't end soon enough.  I ran inside grabbed my bag and headed for Fishceek. One of the benefits of living in south Calgary is I'm 300 meters from some great landscape locations in Fishcreek provincial park.

OK, check the sunset time, 7:30. Current time 6:45pm.  The location I had in mind, I guessed, was about a 15 to 20 minute walk.  Time to motor!!! LoL I was off.

My feet couldn't move fast enough.  I thought if anybody saw me they'd think I was training for that weird looking speed walking event they have at the Olympics.  Yep, I was a speed walker... definitely speed walker!!! 

Oh, look Canadian Geese coming in for a landing!  No!!! Must keep walking. Sunset, got to get this sunset. Go, Go Speed Racer! Nothing was going to distract me from my sunset mission. 

I got to the little pond and was pleasantly surprised to see open water.  (In March that doesn't happen often.) I set my bag down and started to set up my tripod.



So here's comes the idea for this weeks blog. It's about giving a tip this week!

When setting up a tripod, extend the legs before or after you've reached the actually spot your going to shoot. Never walk and futz with your tripod at the same time. Especially when that spot is on the banks of a freshly thawed Canadian pond in March......yep....  I.... um....... well..... I was so distracted looking at the sunset that I.... um... well... I stepped firmly into the pond with my left foot and drowned my ankle. Doh!!  Ccccc-cold.

Oh well, got to get the shot, right!?! Soggy foot yes, but a sunset was in front of me and I got the shots. Oh yeah! From now on I'll be know as "Wet-Foot-Photog."

'Till next and there will be a next time.