I Love Multi Generational Family Shoots with Grandparents!

I shot The Paulson family last fall on a cold windy day. We fought an approaching rain storm the entire shoot but they were troopers and the results were awesome! So when their extended family wanted to do some photos, including Grandpa and Grandma, they thought of me. I was so flattered and couldn’t wait to do it!

Well…. the entire day it poured RAIN! LOL As the time came closer for the evening shoot I was hoping, praying, chanting, burning sacrifices, trying anything and everything to get the rain to stop, all the while looking for another location for the shoot. Then 30 minutes before the shoot the rain stopped! YYYYIPPEEE!!!! I love the Rundle Ruins in downtown Calgary, such an amazing backdrop for a portrait session.

Thanks guys, you were all so much fun!!!

Mel and Tyler's Maternity Shoot

I was asked by Melanie and her husband Tyler if I’d be interested in shooting a maternity session for them and instantly got super excited and terrified at the same time. I have never shot a maternity session before so that made me a little nervous and since Melanie is a photographer as well, I felt I had to really be on point and make her images amazing.

They were both such troopers, late December, below zero, morning and no jackets for the photos…. BOOM! They bought their A game!

Thanks you two!

young family fun

I have to admit, shooting another photographers family photos is a little nerve racking. There’s a good thing that happens though, the kids of a photographer are ready, willing and able to get their photos taken.

No warm up needed!

The colourful fall season was cut short this year in Calgary do to an early, heavy snow storm but we managed to sneak in this session before winter came back full power.

PS- I love when a family comes ready to play and laugh!

50th wedding anniversary

50 years of wedded bliss!

Now that’s a long time. If he keeps this up she just might end up keeping him! 

Shooting a large group can be intimidating but if you think of them as a smaller size and not 15 people, slow down, look at everyone’s pose, face, and shoot multiple image of each set up just to make sure you get at least one shot with everyone’s eye open you’ll nail it.